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About us

Our Story

Nov 2019

Aterim Creation

Guillaume and Alan initially crossed paths in February 2018 in Hong Kong. One year later, leveraging their respective expertise, they joined forces to establish Aterim.

Aterim Aviation.png

Employer Registration in France

Jun 2022

Aterim France.png

Following multiple activities in France, Aterim was officially registered in the country to support its ongoing expansion.

Jan 2023

New Headquarters in Dublin

Aterim opened its new Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. With its prime location, the new office aims to support Aterim's expanding team of experts. 

Aterim Ireland.png

Aterim Consulting

Nov 2023

Aterim Consulting.png



New Identity

Aterm expanded its activities to other sectors and countries.......

Meet the Team

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